Striped Swimsuit Pin up Vans Slip ons

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        Inspried by some of my favorite pin up pieces.

These are Vans brand canvas slip-on shoes. The images featured on these shoes are screen-printed with a unique & gloomy style. I have been in the screen printing business for a little bit over 5 years. It is a two step process since some of the designs are hand painted and then screen-printed and some only screen printed. We used water-based inks and paints. Our process is completely handmade and only made in the US.

 Placing an order:

After the customer places the order, I will purchase the shoes of your specified size and color online. The shoes will typically arrive within 8 days. The screen-printing process takes from 3 to 5 days. USPS Priority Mail shipping takes 3 to 5 days. The expected arrival of your shoes should be within two and a half to four weeks after your initial purchase.

Remember these are CUSTOM shoes, and they require some time and love to finish.


Returns / Exchanges:

Given the custom, made-to-order nature of the shoes, exchanges based on size will not be accepted. Please make sure you know your Vans slip-on shoe size before placing an order for a customized pair. Returns will be accepted in the form of a repair if the imagery on the shoes deteriorates faster than the lifespan of the shoe. The repaired shoes will be shipped back to the customer.